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Acquire Customers

Easier and faster to join your membership. Automated gifting to keep them happy and flexible curation of various rewards to encourage members to refer their friends.

Marketing eDM

Engaging your member with Rewardly's integrated SMS, Email, and Whatsapp messaging. Customise your target audience, set a schedule and measure the result.,

Digital Ordering

You can encourage your customer and nurture DIY ordering with a built-in menu and ordering systems. Give a discount for first-time customers or a birthday gift that they can use when placing an order.

Integrated Payment

Rewardly makes it easy and secure for your customer to pay, just like big brands. The frictionless customer experience help to secure your future business from them.

Build to Grow Business

Boost your brand and get more sales

Rewardly can help you maximize your brand’s exposure and extend the lifecycle time to turn your customers into regular members. The post-COVID-19 era is highly digitalized, where branding and customer experience becomes the most competing area for any business. Adapting to the new norm requires a brand-new tool, and Rewardly is building for you to re-engage your customers and build the resilience business you always dream of. Let us be your digital transformation partner. Book a free consultation with us!

How Rewardly Works?

Loyalty Marketing, Ordering & Payment

For new or existing businesses, Rewardly can help you be more successful. From the start of building awareness, simplifying acquisition, boosting engagement, and finally advocating your brands, you and your customer are always connected.

Loyalty Program
Customer response to promotions and discounts. Acquiring customers is more effective when you give your customer something in return. Rewardly can increase the signup rate by up to 80%
Digital Ordering
Let your customer buy from you through Rewardly Order. Your customers are more likely to become a member through this process, but you can make it sweeter by giving them a new welcome gift.
Rewardly Order
Integrated Payment
Rewardly Pay concludes the ordering process by allowing the customer to make payment. Giving flexibility for your customer to pay to make the engagement process frictionless and faster.
Rewardly Pay
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Transforming Real Business

Measurable Success

We are three years old compared to other more established Loyalty Program solution providers. Being a young company has given us incredible advantages in offering a better and more relevant Consumer Loyalty solution. Our platforms are built with the latest technology, which provides more advanced features and is more agile in adapting to changes.

Our merchant partners have experienced the benefits that Rewardly can bring to their business.  Please feel free to book a free consultation with us if you are looking to launch your Loyalty Membership program.

Rewardly API Integration

Any POS System



Credit Cards

Digital Wallet




Rewardly Order!

Rewardly Store App

Rewardly Kiosk

Rewardly Pay!

Advocating Open Cloud Ecosystems

Open for API Integration

Connectivity is more important than ever as the world marches towards open connectivity. In Rewardly, we always advocate API connectivity and are ready to connect our platform with our solution partners. We also understand that building integration requires a tremendous amount of resources. As an engineering-first tech company, we are always ready to take up the heavy lifting so our partners can do less.

Rewardly continues to develop deep integration with POS systems, eCommerce, Payment Gateway, and more. We are connected to eats365, Revel, Lightspeed/Vend, Shopify, Lalamove, and more.

We welcome solution partners to work together.

Rewardly Success Case Studies

Rewardly Merchant Partners

Agnostic Design

Connect with any POS System

We strive to make Rewardly connect with any POS System!

Rewardly offer you all the benefits you can think of with unbeatable pricing and future scalability. But it will be a pity that you stop here because your POS systems are not in the list of “Integrated POS solutions” with Rewardly. We try hard not disappoint you just because of the fragmented POS software market, no way!

Our robust technology culture allows Rewardly to connect to your POS system using Rewardly Sentinel, a proprietary technology we built and easily plug-in to your POS system without complex software integration. Easy-peasy!

Your First Step to Digital Transformation

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You can finally run a Membership Loyalty program at your own pace, and connect with your customer anytime!
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  • Rewardly Store App
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  • Rewardly Pay *
  • Rewardly Kiosk License **
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  • Backend Portal Training (1 session)
  • Branded Member Signup Tutorial Video
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