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Yomie x Rewardly

Life is Rewarding – Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt

Sugary drinks make you happy. But it is full of guilt as the excess calories may not be the cup of tea for everyone. If you struggle between being healthy and the joy of indulgence, Yomie’s Purple Rice x Yogurt offers you an answer that alleviates your internal battles.

Originating from Sydney, Australia, and introduced to Singapore in 2019. It has successfully raised the waves in the sea of the beverage business. Good enough to form a long snaking queue in a couple of shopping malls across Singapore for those curious about the brand and who heard of Yomie’s fame from its origin country. Soon, it successfully converted some to become their loyalist.

Suppose you have been in the beverage business before as a business owner. In that case, you will not object to my statement by describing the beverage business as a warzone, and it is brutal. 

Setting up a beverage business is easy, grinding ice, pouring the syrup and mixing them well, and finally sealing it and giving it to the customers. That sounds easy, but the harsh reality is that it is just the tip of the iceberg for what you have seen.

Yomie's Purple Rice Yogurt

A successful brand like Yomie is a well-oiled business model that involves highly complex process flow, marketing, and operational control. That applied to any other beverage business you have seen.

Riding on the success of the premier launch, Yomie already prepares itself with a member acquisition and retention strategy, and they choose Rewardly to spearhead this strategy.

One of the magical moments when you launch your membership program is to validate how many customers your brand can attract. Unlike retail brands, F&b business focuses on giving value to the customers to create brand awareness before it can achieve branding paramount of emotional affiliation. Rewardly concentrate on the simplicity of signing up, immediate reward, and keeping members informed about their benefits. Such an approach has attracted six thousand new member signup within three months and eleven thousand members in a year.

Ultimately, the success of a membership loyalty program will still depend on the quality of the products and the best experience that Yomie strives to give to every one of its customers. And Rewardly is the most appropriate technology to uncover some facts from the process.

Unlike in the past, business owners today need the information to navigate their path and set their strategy. Yomie depends on the key metrics to understand and plot its strategy to stay ahead of fierce competition.

“Customer engagement technology will continue to evolve. New technology can easily disrupt the best software you can find. That’s why we work with Rewardly, as they have proven multiple times to us their innovative capabilities. And most importantly, their pricing strategy puts the SME first. We need a partner to give us the runway to grow our customer base, continuously engaging them and finally growing our brand. Rewardly have them all.”

Rewardly provides valuable insights beyond POS systems, adding value to the overall marketing strategy for merchants. Marketing budgets are strategic investments that require ROI justification, and Rewardly’s data-driven approach protects these investments from trial and error. With built-in trend analysis and efficacy charts, merchants can quickly adapt to changes and make informed decisions. Experience the power of data-driven marketing with Rewardly and maximize your return on investment.

Join Yomie Yogurt Membership

You can now enjoy the guilt free indulgence from Yomie Yogurt with their healthy beverages and enjoy the member exclusive rewards.

Today, Yomie continues to grow its business with Rewardly and strengthen its internal process to ensure their customer has the best experience at every touch point. The relentless efforts have made the brand stand out from the competition and continue its growth trajectory. 

Finally, Suppose you are a shopper reading this. In that case, you can sign up for their membership programs to enjoy the healthy option of beverages and take advantage of the membership program and maximize your value! And if you are a business owner looking to improve your business performance, Rewardly is always open the door to welcome you!

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