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“Cha Chaan Teng,” “Bolo Bao,” and “Yuen Yong” are undoubtedly familiar to those who have frequented Hong Kong-style coffee shops or had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong itself. The profound cultural connections and similarities between Hong Kong and Singapore have led to a significant exchange of people and their cuisines. Travelers from both cities often bring their favorite foods, resulting in a natural cross-pollination of culinary traditions.

Singapore, a global food paradise, has attracted some of the best chefs worldwide to establish their restaurants in the city. These establishments offer refined and exotic dining experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. However, when it comes to “Cha Chaan Teng,” we’re talking about a different type of dining culture that focuses on everyday comfort food and gathering with friends and family.

Legendary Hong Kong x Rewardly

In a bustling “Cha Chaan Teng,” you can indulge in iconic dishes like “Bolo Bao” and “Yuen Yong” (a delightful blend of coffee and milk tea) while relishing a variety of affordable staple foods that fill your stomach without emptying your wallet. This unique dining concept has become a blessing for food-loving Singaporeans seeking a taste of Hong Kong’s vibrant culinary scene.

The lack of Singaporean food enthusiasts multiplied when Legendary Hong Kong restaurant opened its doors in Jurong Point, one of the busiest shopping malls in the country. Spanning an impressive 5000 square feet, this spacious establishment can comfortably accommodate banquets for hundreds of diners at any time.

As you step into Legendary Hong Kong, you’re immediately surrounded by a feast for the senses. The air is filled with the aromas of delectable dim sum, savory noodles, succulent roasted meats like char siew, and even more indulgent options like the Irish roasted duck, which boasts a higher fat content than its average counterpart. Each visit to Legendary Hong Kong promises a gastronomic adventure that leaves you craving more.

With three convenient locations in Singapore—Jurong Point in the West, Funan Digital Mall, and Rochester Common—Legendary Hong Kong has established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking a taste of authentic Hong Kong cuisine.

Since May 2023, Legendary Hong Kong has introduced its highly anticipated membership loyalty program. This program offers an array of exclusive benefits to its members. Upon signing up, members can enjoy a complimentary milk tea, whether hot or iced, as a token of appreciation. As members dine at Legendary Hong Kong, they earn one point for every dollar spent, accumulating rewards that can be redeemed for future visits. Additionally, members receive a generous bonus of 100 points when they provide their full details, further enhancing their membership experience.

To show gratitude for their loyal customers, Legendary Hong Kong rewards members with 100 points for every successful referral to friends who subsequently join the membership program. Such an initiative allows members to share their love for Legendary Hong Kong and helps expand the vibrant community of food enthusiasts.

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Indulging with authentic Hong Kong cuisine and enjoy special perks by signing up the Legendary Hong Kong member today. It is absolutely free!

Members are also in for a treat during their birthday month. As a special gift, they automatically receive a $20 discount on their bill, adding a touch of celebration to their dining experience. Furthermore, members enjoy a 1.2x point multiplier during this celebratory month, accelerating their progress toward exciting rewards and benefits.

The Legendary Hong Kong membership program is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to reciprocating its fans’ and regular customers’ support and loyalty. It serves as a platform for preserving the unique “Cha Chaan Teng” culture and authentic Hong Kong food traditions. In addition to providing outstanding culinary experiences, Legendary Hong Kong upholds traditional values.

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