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Rewardly CommerceOS Suite of Solution

Modernized your sales channels

Rewardly CommerceOS

Rewardly CommerceOS is a comprehensive omni-channel selling platform enabling businesses to sell their products and services effortlessly while collecting payments. With the rise of online and social media channels as prominent sales platforms, customers now primarily make purchases through their smartphones, expanding the role of phones as commerce platforms that facilitate countless daily business transactions.

Rewardly goes beyond that by providing valuable insights into your customers and facilitating ongoing connections after completing the transaction.

We empower you to acquire and retain customers, ensuring your business remains resilient in today’s highly competitive environment.


Digital Ordering (QR Dine-In and Online Delivery)

Rewardly Digital Order

In today’s daily life, scanning a QR code, placing an order, making a payment, and collecting or receiving food has become the norm. This shift towards digital ordering offers significant benefits for food service businesses, including increased ordering capacity, streamlined order fulfillment processes, and improved accounting practices.

By embracing digital ordering, your business can sell more and faster without hiring additional staff. The advantages for your business are clear.

At Rewardly, we provide you with an online shopfront that allows your customers to find your restaurant easily, browse your menu, place orders, and make secure payments directly to your bank account. You can create a membership and reward program within our platform to incentivize repeat purchases. Our solution is highly versatile, catering to various order options such as dine-in, pickup, delivery, and advance orders. 

Sell in Person

Rewardly StoreApp

Introducing Rewardly StoreApp, the all-in-one solution for F&B, retail and services. We have created an app that simplifies the ordering process. With Rewardly StoreApp, you can effortlessly manage customer relationships and accept orders through the app.

Rewardly StoreApp gives every staff member the power to act as a cashier and ambassador, serve food, collect payments, get to know your customer and build relationships with them. They can access online orders from Rewardly Order! and even plan for advanced orders scheduled for the upcoming week.

Streamline your workflow and create the perfect customer experience with Rewardly StoreApp. It’s time to revolutionize your business operations.

Self-service Kiosk

Rewardly Kiosk

Discover the benefits of the Rewardly Kiosk for your quick-serve restaurant (QSR) or food service business. This captivating self-ordering solution attracts customers with its eye-catching design and provides an alternative ordering channel that allows them to bypass queues. With the Rewardly platform integration, our kiosk takes customer engagement to the next level by enabling them to utilize their rewards seamlessly.

The Rewardly Kiosk functions just like any other self-ordering kiosk but with the added advantage of offering extra engagement opportunities and reward utilization. Your customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this innovative feature, leaving them with a positive impression of your brand even when they’re not interacting with your staff.

Setting up the Rewardly Kiosk is cost-effective and significantly lowers running costs compared to employing human cashiers. It enables your staff to focus on high-value activities, such as nurturing customer relationships, fostering loyalty, and delivering exceptional service.

Take your food service business to new heights with the Rewardly Kiosk and provide your customers with an unforgettable ordering experience while optimizing operational efficiency.


What is Rewardly commerceOS?

Rewardly commerceOS is a sales management tool with strong focus in customer engagement. It enable the business with the ability to sell online and in-person with end-to-end functionality including integrated payment. Rewardly commerceOS standout with the built-in CRM membership and loyalty management that is crucial for any business to build up their customer base for long term business and nurturing customer loyalty for your brand.

What type of business can use Rewardly commerceOS?

Rewardly commerceOS is a lightweight sales management tool for small business. It can be use for any type of business including personal services business.

Does it replace my current POS system or eCommerce?

Rewardly commerceOS does not replace your current POS system or eCommerce. Instead it is able to enrich your current workflow by enhancing the mobility and ability to engage with your customers. Rewardly offer integration with your current software via open API.

Can I used my existing hardware?

Generally yes, but we cannot provide a conclusive answer to this especially if you intend to collect payment in-person. But it should work with your iOS or Android devices for order management purposes. Anyway, we are working on enhancement continuously and there will be solutions for the problems.

Does it supported by the government grant?

Yes, Rewardly is currently supported by the Hawker Productivity Grant for up to 70%. Please contact us if you are interested to know more.

How do you compare with other software?

Rewardly has its unique features and offering and we emphasize on building practical features that matter to our client. One size doesn’t fit all and we believe that collaborative mindset is more important to help our merchant to be successful.