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Upgrade your POS with Omnichannel capability

Bring your customers the sell-in-person experience to new level with Rewardly StoreApp, the ultimate sell-in-person tool. Seamlessly connect to all sales channels and streamline operations with our user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to separate CRM and loyalty solutions—Rewardly StoreApp integrates these features seamlessly, empowering you to supercharge customer engagement. 

Our software and your preferred hardware

Rewardly POS is designed to make your transition seamless by being hardware-agnostic. We understand that different environments require different types of hardware, and our goal is to alleviate your concerns by ensuring Rewardly POS can work with your existing setup.

The best part? You likely already have the hardware you need – your own phone. Rewardly POS runs smoothly on both iPhone and Android devices, allowing you to accept orders from Rewardly Order!, your online shop that extends your reach to loyal members and new guests. We’ve even integrated cloud printers to automate the printing of online orders, saving you time and effort.

No matter the nature of your business, including home-based ventures, Rewardly POS is adaptable to your needs. Take advantage of our platform for pre-orders, seamless payment collection, and most importantly, the ability to build and nurture a thriving community around your brand.

Start selling in less than 10 minutes

With Rewardly, the process is seamless and effortless. Simply sign up online, download and install the Rewardly StoreApp on your phone or tablet, upload your product catalog and brand images, and connect your store to a secure payment gateway. That’s all it takes to start selling.

Your customers can immediately begin placing orders through your online shop, while you receive instant notifications through the StoreApp to fulfill their requests. For added convenience, you can even integrate a cloud printer to automatically print order details. Rest assured, the payments from your customers will be promptly credited to your bank account.

Experience the speed and efficiency of getting ready to sell with Rewardly. Don’t wait any longer – start your selling journey today and embrace the possibilities that await you.