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Streamline Customer Engagement

Rewardly offers end-to-end solution

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Comprehensive Customer Engagement

Loyalty & Rewards

Rewardly offers a wide range of rewards programs that you can use to design and automate a personalized engagement and rewards workflow for your business. Add on Rewardly Loyalty onto your existing Cloud POS solution, or use our full-suite Rewardly CommerceOS solution.  


Create multi-tier membership and upgrade or downgrade the tiers automatically.


Using a points or dollars system and setup, earn and burn loyalty rate—or set expiry for unused points.


Flexible voucher systems with convenience automation to take care of issuing or redeeming.


Set the number of steps and gifting step. The stamp program is one of the best features in Rewardly.

Store Credit

Offer your frequent visit customer store credit or allow your staff to purchase with layby at designated location.

Prepaid Package

Sell prepaid packages to give more to your members while securing your future business.


Make your customer feel unique with a discount scheme—an optional setting to pair with membership tiers.


Encourage your customers to tell their friends about you. Reward them when they successfully refer some one to join your program.

Nurture Loyalty

There's no shortcut. But with Rewardly Loyalty, we help you recognize your customers needs and preferences, and automate your engagement with them to grow customer loyalty.

Automated Customer Engagement

Marketing Messaging

Bringing your brand name in front of your member can help increase the brand impression, enhancing brand loyalty and ultimately boosting sales. Rewardly integrated Marketing eDM function offers outreach communication capability and enables you to understand when they read your message and if they respond to it. This means your brand exercise will move positively through this cyclical action. With the help of our built-in analytic capability, the merchant can retrieve the target audience with a prebuilt filter.

SMS or Email messaging

Message Templates

Build your templates once and use them repeatedly. Message templates ensure you maintain the consistency of branding and tone.

Smart Filter

Our Pre-built filter criteria let you find the most relevant audience easily and personalize the message. Targeted messages ensure better results.


You can pre-set a schedule for your marketing messaging and let the clock take care of the rest. Rewardly will deliver the message for you.

Behaviour Analytic

Capture the response from readers so that you can continue to sharpen the messaging strategy for high performance marketing.


Turn an effective campaign into repetition. Rewardly let you choose the campaign and turn it into a recursive task by just few clicks. 

Low Cost

A tiny fraction of the cost ensures your messaging campaign is always profitable. It is pay-per-message without extra cost.

Customer Segmentation

As behaviors and preferences have changed, you should update analytic models to help you better understand your customers.

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