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Make every step a rewarding step

Rewardly’s stamp program is designed to reward customers for their purchases and encourage repeat business. By issuing stamps for each qualifying transaction, customers can progress through multiple steps and receive exciting rewards along the way. What sets Rewardly’s digital stamp program apart is its modern approach, offering real-time updates, low total cost of ownership (TCO), and seamless integration with other programs. With our advanced features and user-friendly interface, you can easily track and manage your stamp program, providing a seamless and rewarding experience for your customers. Upgrade your loyalty strategy with Rewardly’s digital stamp program and unlock a world of possibilities for customer engagement and retention.

Gaps Analytics

Uncover the hidden consumer behavior

Unlock the power of data with Rewardly’s Digital Stamp programs. By leveraging rewards to incentivize customer engagement, our program allows you to collect essential data footprints that reveal valuable insights about your business. With a strong focus on data collection, you can measure customer responses and strategically place gifting milestones within your stamp program. This data-driven approach empowers you to prioritize your marketing investments and allocate resources to the areas that matter most. Discover the untold story of your business and make informed decisions with Rewardly’s Digital Stamp programs.


Observe trending for the effectiveness of your loyalty program.


Issue or retract stamps based on the actual sales transaction. The real-time update ensure customer can see the up-to-date info.


You can design the number of steps and the steps with gifting for your stamp program in Rewardly according to your need.


With the integration with other Rewardly programs, we ensure your customers will love it and continue to participate in the program.


Save an extra paper card for your customers and automatically start a new cycle when your customer completed the current one.