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Go beyond earn-and-burn Loyalty

Rewardly Loyalty offers a versatile earn-and-burn mechanism that empowers merchants to customize single-stage or multi-stage point systems to perfectly align with their requirements. Our approach extends beyond transaction-based loyalty earning, as we provide an additional layer that allows merchants to assign points to customers when they successfully fulfill specific tasks defined by the merchant. This flexibility enables customers to trade their points for rewards that hold the greatest appeal to them, elevating their overall experience and satisfaction. Experience the power of Rewardly Loyalty and unlock a world of personalized rewards for your customers.

Trending Analytics

Measure the success of your program

Rewardly offers more than just a customer engagement strategy to enhance customer retention. It serves as a comprehensive tool to measure the pulse of your business. By consolidating data from all your channels, Rewardly provides a comprehensive view of sales trends and customer engagement within a single platform. Say goodbye to guesswork and make informed decisions based on valuable insights. Identify high-value customer segments that will deliver impactful results for your brand and drive your business forward. Experience the power of data-driven loyalty programs with Rewardly.

Loyalty program analytics

Observe trending for the effectiveness of your loyalty program.


Issue and redeem point in realtime for transaction done at rewardly commerceOS or pos system.

Point Shop

Let your customer choose what they want and redeem with the loyalty point they have earn.

Signup bonus

Award points to the new signup account automatically when they have become a member.

Stamp bonus

Design a stamp program and issue loyalty point when the member achieve the milestone.

redeem at pos

Allow the customer to utilise their loyalty point to offset the payable amount at POS system,

Rewardly loyalty program on phone

redeem online

Allow the member to user their point when order from online through Rewardly Order!

retro claim

Allow the member to claim their point retrospectively after the transaction.


Rewardly points are usable for integrated eCommerce or POS systems.

referral bonus

Rewardly your member who referred their friends with additional loyalty points.

profile update

Giving bonus point to the member when they fill up additional info that required by the merchant.