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Rewardly tiered membership

Increase your customer LTV

Unlock the advantages of tiered membership in your loyalty program. With tiered membership, customers are motivated to actively engage with your brand, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher lifetime value. Enjoy benefits such as enhanced customer retention, personalized rewards, and exclusive experiences tailored to each tier. Collect valuable data insights to drive data-driven decisions, gain a competitive advantage, and foster a strong customer base. Discover how tiered membership can boost customer engagement, loyalty, and business growth.

The 20/80 rule

Focus on your most important customers

Generally 20% of your customers maintain and grow your business profitability. But the question is, how do you convert the other 80% into 20% loyal customers to increase your profitability? If you are treating all your customers the same, it is time for you to review your membership program. Focusing on your most important customers while nurturing the rest by offer them a journey to become your VIP members is a proven strategy to grow your brand and increase sales.


Focus on the highest quantity (volume).


Focus on the quality (spending).

Advanced Features

Go Beyond Transactional

  • Frequency

    Measure the frequency at which your customers visit your shop and allow them to qualify for membership upgrades or downgrades. Rewardly provides the necessary tools to reward customers when they meet the specified visit frequency. This approach is a powerful way to cultivate recurring patronage and foster loyalty, which in turn supports your brand advocacy strategy.

  • Recency

    Measure the recency that your customer visited your shop and make them qualify for the upgrade (or downgrade) of the membership. Recency is another behavioural engagement design to reward your members when they achieve the number of visits that you want them to be and automatically upgraded to the higher tier membership and enjoy more perks.

  • Spending

    A classic mechanic found in most loyalty programs is based on spending amount to determine whether to upgrade or downgrade a member. The "spend to upgrade" scheme is commonly used to incentivize consumers to spend more and qualify for a membership upgrade. This method has a proven track record of success for many brands and is relatively easy to implement.

  • Milestone

    Your customers will need to achieve a minimum milestone to qualify for the upgrade or downgrade of their membership. The milestones program requires customers to engage in both transactional and non-transactional tasks in order to be eligible for membership changes. This advanced technique is a crucial aspect of your loyalty strategy and should be carefully designed and implemented.