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A proven acquisition & retention strategy

Vouchers are a highly effective tool for customer acquisition and retention strategies, and Rewardly takes them to the next level. Our merchants utilize welcome vouchers to attract new members, birthday vouchers to encourage return visits, and automated vouchers to re-engage customers at risk of churning. We have enhanced our voucher system to be even smarter and more effective in supporting merchants. With features like gifting options, members can share vouchers with friends, converting them into new loyal customers, and pre-printed vouchers can be distributed, and increase customer acquisition efforts. Harness the power of vouchers with Rewardly to maximize engagement, drive growth, and achieve expected success.

Boost Effectiveness

Track who get it and use it

Gift vouchers are a proven marketing tool for boosting short-term revenue. However, launching a successful voucher program requires revenue analysis, logistic coordination, and may lack consumer behavior analytics, especially with printed vouchers. With Rewardly’s digital voucher program, you can have it all! We offer the flexibility for merchants to create unique and effective voucher campaigns, along with data-driven insights to learn what works and identify areas for improvement. Empowered with this knowledge, merchants can continuously refine their voucher campaigns for long-term success. Experience the benefits of digital vouchers with Rewardly and drive revenue while gaining valuable insights into customer behavior.

Rewardly voucher analytics

Features Highlight

Rewardly Voucher program combine the usability, flexibility, security and automation into one powerful platform that assure successful result for every campaign you launch. And our tokenize architecture ensure traceability of the vouchers, and audit trail of the voucher’s lifecycle.

Multiple Schemes

Design your discount vouchers by bill, items, or free gift.

Rewardly vouchers support multiple schemes, including total bill discounts, discounts for designated item(s), or a choice of free gifts. They seamlessly integrate with Rewardly commerceOS and third-party POS systems, ensuring smooth voucher utilization.

Voucher Automation

Automate the issuing of vouchers via event trigger or bot.

Rewardly's voucher automation feature is crucial for enabling personalized experiences and boosting customer retention rates. With our built-in event triggers, Rewardly automatically issues selected vouchers to target recipients through designated messaging channels.

Security and Control

Reduce exploitation, and coupled with real transaction.

Ensure voucher program security with Rewardly. We prioritize security and traceability to prevent exploitation and ensure fairness. With us, your program will appeal to customers while remaining secure and protected.

Data Analytics

Understand the campaign performance through analytics.

Rewardly collects a vast amount of data from each touchpoint of voucher issuance and redemption. We aggregate this data, extract key milestones, and present them in visual charts, allowing merchants to easily identify gaps and opportunities.