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Comprehensive Engagement

Loyalty & Rewards

Rewardly offers a wide range of rewards programs that you can use to design and automate a personalized engagement and rewards workflow for your business. 


Create multi-tier membership and set up the rules to upgrade or downgrade the tiers automatically.


Using a points or dollars system and setup, earn and burn loyalty rate—or set expiry for unused points.


Flexible voucher systems with convenience automation to take care of issuing or redeeming.


Set the number of steps and gifting step. The stamp program is one of the best features in Rewardly.

Store Credit

Offer your frequent visit customer store credit or allow your staff to purchase with layby at designated location.

Prepaid Package

Sell prepaid packages to give more to your members while securing your future business.


Make your customer feel unique with a discount scheme—an optional setting to pair with membership tiers.


Encourage your customers to tell their friends about you. Reward them when they successfully refer some one to join your program.


Recognize the rise of emotional loyalty. Experience is about how an individual feels when interacting with your brand before, during, and after a transaction. The better you understand that the more ways you can engage with customers — and the more likely they’ll continue engaging with your business.
- PwC
Loyalty Tips

Enhance Branding

Marketing Messaging

Bringing your brand name in front of your member can help increase the brand impression, enhancing brand loyalty and ultimately boosting sales. Rewardly integrated Marketing eDM function offers outreach communication capability and enables you to understand when they read your message and if they respond to it. This means your brand exercise will move positively through this cyclical action. With the help of our built-in analytic capability, the merchant can retrieve the target audience with a prebuilt filter.

SMS, or Email

Message Templates

Build your templates once and use them repeatedly. Message templates ensure you maintain the consistency of branding and tone.

Smart Filter

Our Pre-built filter criteria let you find the most relevant audience easily and personalize the message. Targeted messages ensure better results.


You can pre-set a schedule for your marketing messaging and let the clock take care of the rest. Rewardly will deliver the message for you.

Behaviour Analytic

Capture the response from readers so that you can continue to sharpen the messaging strategy for high performance marketing.


Turn an effective campaign into repetition. Rewardly let you choose the campaign and turn it into a recursive task by just few clicks. 

Low Cost

A tiny fraction of the cost ensures your messaging campaign is always profitable. It is pay-per-message without extra cost.

Streamline Processing

Digital Ordering

Rewardly Order extends the ordering capability for the Rewardly platform to allow members to interact with their favorite brands and enjoy rewards. Rewardly Order is a seamless end-to-end experience for the members to order from the merchants, get discounts or special deals through the personalized rewards issued from Rewardly, and connected with the merchant POS system to streamline the order-to-fulfill process.

Member app


Let your customers place orders and set a time to pick up their food. Rewardly Order connects to your POS and synchronizes with the POS menu.

Dine-in Pay First

Your customer can order and pay while waiting for their food to serve to their table. Rewardly will upload the orders to your POS system and order printers.


The pre-order function is suitable for catering or festive meals. We have made it much more convenience for your customer to purchase from you!


Extend your restaurant’s reach beyond physical distance. Your customer can select the delivery option and send the food to them.

Pay at counter

We are making Rewardly inclusive for customers who wish to pay at the counter. Your customer will appreciate the convenience you give them.

Search Restaurant

The Search Restaurants features put your restaurant on the map to allow anyone to find it, browse your menu, become a member and order food.


Invest in customer segmentation. As behaviors and preferences have changed, you should update analytic models to help you better understand your customers. - PwC
Loyalty Tips

Build for Scalability

Rich Ecosystems

One size does not fit all, especially in today’s dynamic business environment. This is why we work double hard to continue to deliver new technology that we believe our clients will depend on to thrive in the highly competitive world. Our ecosystems allow customers and merchants to stay connected seamlessly in every mode of engagement. That’s how we deliver the omnichannel experience beyond a simple loyalty program.

Rewardly Member App

Member App

Rewardly member app runs on any device without the need to install an app to their phone. It is probably the most advanced customer-fronting app in the world.

Store App

The Store app is your mobile customer service center! It is packed with features to give you insight into members or give them vouchers. You can even sell with Store app for simple products.

Self-order Kiosk

Offer your first on-prem self-order solution to offer a convenient way for your customer to buy from you. It is connected to Rewardly where your customer gets to enjoy the same rewards.

Integrated POS

Rewardly integrated with the reputable F&b and retail POS systems and eCommerce such as  TableReady, eats365, Lightspeed, Revel, Shopify, Loyverse, SquareUp and more


Assess how rigorous your loyalty programs are and reconsider the selection of benefits, including expanding beyond points and discounts to experiential loyalty.
- PwC
Loyalty Tips

Design for Convenience

Integrated Payment

Never let the checkout and payment be the Achilles’ heel of your ordering process. Rewardly Pay is designed to prevent this pitfall and ensure your customer enjoys a frictionless ordering process and your best cuisine. Rewardly Pay offers various payment modes, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Your customer can choose the preferred way to settle their bill.


Credit Card

Your customer can pay with a major credit card when check-out their order. It will automatically offer Apple Pay or Google Pay if they are using a compatible phone.


Digital Wallet

Let them pay with digital wallets such as GrabPay, WeChat Pay, ShopeePay, or more. Easier to buy from you will ensure the return sale from them.



Thinking of tapping on the convenience of PayNow? It is possible with Rewardly Pay! Your customer will be able to choose this option if you have enable it.



BNPL is helpful if you are selling higher-value products. We are readily integrated with Atome, Pace, and GrabPayLater to offer the installment option.


Prioritize efforts to understand younger and more racially and economically better diverse groups, as recognizing their needs and preferences can provide opportunities to grow their loyalty.
- PwC
Loyalty Tips

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