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Loyalty Program for F&B Business

Level up your Customer Loyalty

Hospitality businesses are always fast pace especially during peak hours like lunch or dinner time. Productivity measured by every step you can save and the automation are the key to save cost and boost customer experience.

Not all the customer engagement solutions are designed to automated like Rewardly and let you interact seamlessly with your customers.

Optimized for F&B workflow

F&B business need to deal with the surge of sales during peak hours, high expectation from the guests, and limited staffing due to costing. Rewardly has take that into consideration and take every opportunity that we have to help them automate the customer loyalty programs and avoid adding any extra steps or manual works.

Rewardly take integration to the next level – Interactivity between cashier and guest. That translate to better customer experience, and higher productivity and better profitability.


Rewardly provide analytics to help the restaurant owner identify opportunities and avoiding risks.


Rewardly Store App empowered the staffs with tools they need for the success of customer engagement campaign.


Rewardly App seamlessly engage your customers with rewards and incentives you have prepared for them.

Reduce customer churn

Over the past three years, the F&B industry has seen a 70% failure rate, while a fortunate 10~20% have managed to not only survive but thrive. In today’s digital age, connectivity has become a basic necessity, with 99% smart phone penetration rate in 2023. Thus, reaching out to your customers is not a constraint but a crucial business decision.

Rewardly offers turnkey solutions to help you engage with your customers, identify your best customer group, and detect those at risk of churning, in order to bring them back. Our campaign engine even allows you to automate the process with simple settings, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Retaining just 5% of your customers can result in a significant increase of 25% to 95% in revenue for your company. With Rewardly, you can create a more loyal customer base, ultimately leading to long-term success.

Customer Retention
Revenue Growth

Tools for success

voucher icon


Increase customer acquisition, Increase brand visibility, Save cost, Improve customer loyalty, Improve data collection

Give your customer a printed voucher, or automatically issue a welcome voucher when they signup as a member. Voucher is a powerful marketing strategy to grow your member based or bring back customers who has not visit your store for long time.

membership icon


Increase customer retention rate, Increase customer loyalty, Personalization, Better data insight, Increase revenue

With multi-tier membership programs, anyone can join but regulars receive better treatment. Rewardly offers the tools to create exclusive membership programs for your brand, whether by upgrading membership based on total spending or selling membership to customers.

stamp icon


Increase customer retention, Cost-effective, Improved Data Collection, Personalization, Increase customer loyalty

Use stamp program to reward your customer when they fulfil certain requirements. You can design simple logic such as issue 1 stamp for each $10 spent, or buying certain product to issue a reward. You can also design more advanced program with different type of issuing criteria and rewards.

package icon


Improved Cash Flow, Customer Loyalty, Reduced No-Shows, Increased Revenue, Streamlined Operations

Selling pre-paid package to your customers is a win-win strategy. Your customers will benefits from saving while patronize your business and you have more stable stream of income within that period of time. Rewardly pr-paid package is intuitive, flexible and easy to setup.

referral icon


Increased Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Increase ROI, Improved customer loyalty, Targeted marketing

Use stamp program to reward your customer when they fulfil certain requirements. You can design simple logic such as issue 1 stamp for each $10 spent, or buying certain product to issue a reward. You can also design more advanced program with different type of issuing criteria and rewards.

gamification icon


Increased engagement, Improved loyalty, Better data collection, Personalization, Social sharing

Gamification is an effective tool for businesses, using game-like elements such as points, and rewards to engage customers, improve loyalty, and gain data insights. It's a cost-effective marketing strategy that attracts new customers and increases revenue, promoting brand loyalty through incentivizing customer behavior.

Digital Ordering

Increase customer signup rate, Increase customer retention, Boost your revenue, Increase your operations workflow, Boost branding, Increase customer loyalty

Digital ordering with customer loyalty boosts customer engagement, retention, and revenue. Data collected can help personalize the customer experience, making businesses more competitive. Improved customer engagement and loyalty, plus increased revenue create a more successful and sustainable operation. Digital ordering with built-in customer loyalty is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

Marketing Automation

Identify the most important group of customers that matter to your business growth and profit. Automate the success formula.

Rewardly's marketing automation includes email and SMS messaging campaigns that allow merchants to send targeted messages to specific customer groups. With the ability to personalize these messages, merchants can improve customer engagement and loyalty. Post-campaign analytics enable businesses to measure results and adjust their campaigns for optimal success. With the option to set up successful campaigns to run automatically, Rewardly's marketing automation is an efficient and effective tool for businesses of all sizes.

Few simple steps to kickstart


Create Your Account

Sign up a free trial account and start building the membership program. We have the smart wizard that will guide you to setup your account. Your awesome rewards program are just 3 minutes away!

SignupSignup Rewardly Account

Configure Membership Tiers

Create one or more membership tiers to suite your need. Rewardly let you configure the upgrade or downgrade logic easily and make it unique to your brand. Not sure how to do it? No worry, our customer success team have your back!

Get HelpConfigure your Membership tiers

Give it some zing with Rewards

Rewardly offer multiple tools to help you design a unique customer acquisition and retaining process flow. Rewardly intuitive user interface allow anyone to create an awesome program, and for advanced digital marketing user, you 

More about Rewardly ProgramsSetup Voucher, Stamp & Package programs

Get the ball rolling and the word flowing

Grow your business with Referral strategy. Understand your customer with NPS, CSAT matrix and compare it with your referral campaign to help you understand if you are running you referral program at the full steam!

Activate Referral ProgramSetup Referral programs

Don't hesitate, automate and accelerate

Proactively sending personalized message to the members that will most likely response to you. Not just blasting your message to them but keep track of how they react to it.

Start AutomationEnable marketing automation

The Rewardly Ecosystem

Rewardly ecosystems
Member app

Rewardly member appLet your customer to join your membership easily and keep them informed with your rewards. Your customer can redeem their point via your reward catalogs easily and security.

Store app

Rewardly store appEmpower you staff with Store App to engage with your customer, selling member package, voucher or store credit. Store app can even collect payments directly from your customers.

Rewardly portal

Rewardly portalRewardly portal is your command center to run awesome membership loyalty and keep track of the performance via real-time reporting suite that we carefully built to help you understand your customers. It offer marketing automation to engage with your customer proactively. The powerful features in Rewardly offer you enterprise grade features but a price that any SME can afford.

Digital ordering

Rewardly member appConnecting customers via member app with membership loyalty program and digital ordering.

Tablet Kiosk

Rewardly tablet kioskExpand your self service channel and let you customer interact with you without using their own devices. Rewardly kiosk is revolutionary and forward looking to take your digitalization to the next level. Plug in with our payment solution to complete order, pay and fulfil. Rewardly kiosk app runs on iOS or Android!

Full Kiosk

Rewardly full kioskRun your Rewardly kiosk in a professional kiosk hardware. Same features and conveniences but larger viewing and more powerful presentation to delight your customers.